How to Play Trombone eBook Launched!

How to Play Trombone ebook just launched!

how to play trombone ebook

Fresh off the press, this new How to Play Trombone ebook explains all the essential techniques that are required to play a trombone well.  Written by an experienced trombone player for students, parents and teachers.

This ebook covers the fundamental skills all the way through to more advanced topics.

How to Play Trombone ebook is suitable for

  1. parents who want to assist their children during practice sessions,
  2. teachers who want to structure lessons around each topic and
  3. students who want a guide and reference with the essential skills explained.

Ideal for beginners through to intermediate players.

“How to Play Trombone” is now a free download  Click here.

How to Play Trombone ebook
How to play trombone ebook

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