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This free ebook explains the techniques needed to play a trombone well. It covers the fundamental principles through to advanced topics.  For Parents, Teachers and Students.  Applicable for tenor and bass trombones.

eBook Contents:-

  1. Care – Taking good care of your instrument will keep it like new
  2. Holding the Instrument – Hold it like you are serious about playing
  3. Posture – Good posture allows air to flow freely
  4. Breathing – Controlling airflow is the most critical aspect of playing
  5. Embouchure – How you use your lips affects everything, including your playing
  6. Sound – Developing your own unique sound
  7. Range – Building a wide range is the result of air-control & strength
  8. Projection – Project your sound efficiently using resonance
  9. Sight-reading – Confident sight-reading needs preparation even before seeing the music
  10. Practice – Perfect practice makes perfect playing
  11. Slide Positions – Playing slide positions accurately to play in tune
  12. Articulation and Effects – Converting notes into music
  13. The Trigger or F Attachment – What’s it good for?
  14. Performing – Pulling it all together in a single moment to make music

Twenty concisely written A4 pages packed tight with information.

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This free How to Play Trombone ebook is suitable for students, parents and teachers who would like to understand the essential skills needed to play a trombone with good technique.  This resource is applicable for all types of trombones including also, tenor and bass trombones.

Have you bought a trombone, looked for the instruction manual only to find they didn’t include one in the box?   What were they thinking?? Do they think it is obvious how to make music with your shiny new piece of metal tubing? It may be obvious which end to blow into, but beyond that, it’s all guesswork.   I wrote “How to Play Trombone” to address that oversight.

How to Play Trombone ebook is packed with vital information from a lifetime of experience.

This book covers the basics of how to play through to advanced topics.

The How to Play Trombone ebook is an excellent reference for teachers, parents and students.  Topics are concisely explained in single A4 pages that teachers can deliver as lessons or for students to use as reference material.  Parents can read the book to understand how to coach their child during practice sessions.  The book is tightly packed into 20 pages with the all essential techniques needed to play a trombone well.

What’s so special about brass instruments?

Brass instruments differ from other instruments because the player must create each note with their breath and lips.  With other instruments, it is obvious which note is being playing simply by looking at the instrument.  However, with brass instruments, this isn’t the case.  A trombone player can produce several different notes without adjusting their instrument at all.  A player must have the skills to ‘hear’ and know how to create each note before they can play confidently.

Eliminate bad playing habits before they form.

Every person physical and mental differences.  Everyone will face different challenges when trying to mastering a musical instrument.  A good teacher will tailor lessons to address a student’s individual needs. It is essential to find a good teacher early to avoid developing bad playing habits.  Poor playing habits can be time-consuming and frustrating to fix and they can severely limit a player’s potential.

This ebook won’t replace the need for a good teacher, however, I have noticed that most students only absorb a portion of what the teacher explains during a lesson.  This ebook covers all the fundamentals of how to play a trombone and serves as a reference should students wish to improve their playing ability.

The content of this ebook focuses on technical aspects of playing.

Like any skilled activity, mastering the technical aspects allows the player to execute those tasks unconsciously – so they are free to concentrate on making great music during a performance.  The “How to Play Trombone” ebook explains all the essential skills and techniques that a person needs to play a trombone proficiently.

The cost of “How to Play Trombone” ebook is much less than the cost of a single lesson.

This ebook is great value when you consider it summarises a lifetime of experience into the essence of how to play a trombone with good technique. Students often take weekly lessons for years. The cost adds up to several thousand dollars. Much of what is taught can become lost or forgotten. “How to Play Trombone” ebook will serve as an excellent reference resource for the lifetime of the player.

Parents can confidently guide their children

Parents can use this ebook to understand the principles of playing a trombone so they can guide their child during home practice sessions.  After reading this book, even a parent without musical ability will understand the theory behind how a trombone is played.  This understanding provides parents with the right tools to provide valuable guidance to children as they practice their instruments.

3 reviews for Free How to Play Trombone ebook

  1. Jason

    Covers everything a player needs to know from how to hold the instrument through to performing. Very thorough and thoughtful analysis of each topic with great hints and tips.

  2. John

    Well laid out with concise information about exactly what to do to play a trombone. Organized into topics for easy reference.
    Great value since it provides a wealth of information for such a reasonable price.
    I high recommend this book for any trombone player wanting to learn the right way from the start or simply to improve their playing.

  3. Enrich

    Great content. Easy to read. No fluff, just packed with info about how to play trombone. Well worth it for the equivalent cost of a few minutes with a music teacher.

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